Corporate Overview

Commercial Surveillance Cameras in Maryland

CORE-LINX, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality Telecommunication installation at a competitive price. Our number one goal is to meet the needs of each customer and have a smooth and orderly transition in the implementation of their telecommunication and data network.

CORE-LINX, Inc. provides a full range of services to Local and the Mid-Atlantic Region. These services provide for (but are not limited to) the design and installation of universal voice, data, and video wiring systems. Universal wiring systems support multi product, multi-vendor environments for both voice and data applications.

Our Mission

To provide excellence in service and mannerism in the telecommunication and data network industry, and to be consistent with high quality service in an efficient and effective manner.

Our success has been based on a business philosophy that values a quality service, fiscal independence and long-term customer care. We know the importance of long-term customer relationships, therefore, we believe in developing and fostering partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We also view our success as dependent on our customers success, both now and in the future. In short, our goal is to help our customers achieve a competitive advantage by providing solutions that return superior results.

Our commitment to quality is supported by an emphasis on education and training. Staying current with technological advancements in the telecommunications industry is critical to the delivery of quality cabling solutions for our customers. Our Engineers, Technicians and Sales Team regularly attend training and seminars to stay abreast of a rapidly changing industry.

The company was founded by Gary Gagnon, Christopher Gagnon and Randy Goad, Jr. bringing together their extensive years of experience. Their experience includes Cable TV installations (home and commercial), MDU design and construction, underground, aerial construction and fiber optic splicing.

Data Cabling Design & Installation in Frederick, MD
Corning-Voice and Data Installation in Frederick, MD
Ortronics-Commercial Telecommunications in Maryland
Ortronics and Core-Linx-Data Cabling in Frederick, MD
Panduit-Commercial Telecommunications and Data Cabling in Frederick, MD
CommScope and Core-Linx Commercial Survelliance Cameras in Frederick, MD
CompTIA Security with Core-Linx Commercial Survelliance Cameras in Frederick, MD
Siemon-Data Cabling in Frederick, MD
Windows Servers-Commercial Telecommunications in Maryland
Berk-Tek Data Cabling & Voice and Data Installation in Frederick, MD
Leviton-Commercial Telecommunications in Maryland
Cisco Certified-Data Cabling in Frederick, MD